My previous solicitor gave up on my claim, but Joanna Pierce, in spite of a Barrister’s opinion saying I didn’t even have a 50% chance of success, not only took on my claim but issued it at court within a couple of months.  She kept us updated throughout the complicated proceedings.  The other side finally capitulated close to the trial, and I won a life changing £60,000.00 in compensation for my accident.

Thomas Middleton

I would recommend North solicitors to anyone

My accident at work case was taken on by Joanna even thought it was very close to the time limit expiring.  Within 5 months, thanks to Joanna’s efforts I had the settlement cheque of £3,500.00 in my hand!  She was professional and ahead of the otherside throughout.  I would recommend North solicitors to anyone

Adrian Duncan

It made a massive difference to myself and my family

After a fall in a car park on ice, Elliot Hamilton received £11,000.00 including compensation for all the time I was off work and the loss of income he suffered due to his injuries. 

“It was such a relief to get all of this money back – plus money for my injuries as well - it made a massive difference to myself and my family.  I would recommend her to anyone and thank her for all her hard work!”

Elliot Hamilton

Impressed with the level of service

‘I was extremely impressed with the level of service I received from North Soilicitors when I had my accident, prompt communication at all times. Thanks to North Solictors, I received the level of compensation I deserved

Leo Nelson

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